“We had a great experience with Entourage and would definitely recommend them to our friends and family.
Vincent was great with the initial process and Lauren was an absolute champion in helping and keeping us up to date along the way!
Overall Entourage were very good in explaining the whole mortgage process to us as we had no idea how things worked being first home buyers. Thanks Entourage! 😊”



“Antoinette was amazing to deal with, she prepared the home with all the knowledge and experience of a real estate professional, but without the emotional attachment of an owner. She made sure all paperwork was ready to go right from the outset and she took the time to prepare the vendor and explain what a good offer might look like in the current market. When the right offer came along, our clients were ready to act immediately. This dedication is hard to find but a pleasure to work with. Strongly recommended”

George pangalos


“Home loan application
I’ve just the most fantastic experience using this service. Vince is absolutely incredible and so knowledgeable in helping me understand, explore and choose the right Home loan for my first ever house. Even though I had zero knowledge in this area and was completely overwhelmed, Vince was very accommodating and helped me understand (in plane English) how it all works. They also provide extra services such as property valuation report, referral to conveyancers, settlement advice, setting up utilities, and general info on auction/buying processes etc.
Vince helped me get the best rates and loan structure, and was very responsive/easy to contact.
I have referred about 4 of my friends/family/colleagues to Vince – I think this about sums it up!
Thanks so much to Vince, Kristel and the wider entourage team, I couldn’t have done it without you!”

sahel ghasemian


“Buying your first home can be terrifying, there’s so much to it no one is there to tell you and so many mistakes you can easily make unless you have someone like Vincent. I felt like I could ask him anything about the process, no matter how basic it may have seemed, and he handled it all and provided answers with utmost professionalism while still being very easy to get along with. Vincent took time to understand my situation and put me on a path that best suited what I wanted and the timeline I had. Him and his team gave me the perfect solution based on what I wanted, and provided great feedback to ensure it was achievable long-term. They weren’t going to sell me a dream just to get a contract signed, they were in for my continued success. I would and will highly recommend Vincent to anyone looking to buy a home, but especially to first home buyers like myself who need the guidance through the tonnes of assumed knowledge in the industry.”

Regan boyce


“Just wanted to pass on my special thanks to the Entourage team for a positive experience with a recent property purchase and sale.

Being a busy working professional I engaged Antoinette from the property advisory team to take the lead from start to finish .

Antionette was personable, professional, and importantly a strong appetite to seek the best outcome for us.

If you’re thinking about property, I suggest you reach out to the entourage team and seek sound advice.


Alex Fisher